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  • DECO Aquarium Life Support System (DECOFACC) for CHIME-LONG OCEAN Kingdom in Zhuhai China DECO Aquarium Life Support System (DECOFACC) for CHIME-LONG OCEAN Kingdom in Zhuhai China
    CHIME-LONG OCEAN Kingdom is a mega theme park devoted to exhibit several major charming marine creatures. It was instantly the world’s largest aquarium, keeping several world records most people didn't even know existed. The development features seven theme areas. The Ocean Kingdom has a cumulative 12 million gallons of held water across its various attractions earning it the Guinness World Record for Largest Aquarium in the world.DECO has designed and supplied DECOFACC marine life support equipment for the penguin area, sea lion (zalophus) area and dolphin's nursing area.
  • DECO UV Sterilizer DECO UV Sterilizer
    With high irradiation intensity stability,sterilization efficiency of DECO UV sterilizer can reach 99% and sterilization life can be 9000 hours.After UV irradiation,the structure of DNA and RNA of bacterium,viruses and algae microorganisms in water can be damaged.As a result,the cells cannot regenerate and reproduce until death.Thus achieve the purpose of water sterilization and purification to greatly reduce the probability of fish disease.The shell is made of PVC or stainless steel.DECO Customized DECO UV Sterilizer manufacturers From China,As a professional supplier, DECO not only supply high quality products but also provide integrated aquaculture solution to our customers.DECO Intro to DECO UV Sterilizer DECO,In addition, the patented DECO Protein Skimmer, that adopts the integrated design of the jet injector with the German Venturi technology and the unique structure of the reaction chamber, is capable to separate and filter more than 90% of the reaction particles and soluble liquid proteins which are small than 20μm. It can be used with interconnected ozone production devices.
  • DECO Protein Skimmer DECO Protein Skimmer
    DECO protein skimmer is designed for use in aquaculture and big show aquariums. The high efficiency of the skimmer is achieved by a specially designed Venturi Injection System consisting of a Venturi Jet with the appropriate Booster Pump to produce big quantities of fine air bubbles (< 1mm). These bubbles act as an effective filter element and remove protein compounds and with that other organic compounds, BOD/COD, small particles, food waste, feces, bacteria and oxidation products from ozone treatment out from the water into a foam cup.DECO Best DECO Protein Skimmer Factory Price - DECO,Deco has been strictly in compliance with the essential requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. All the equipment’s manufactured by DECO must be strictly tested before shipping to ensure stability and quality. The equipment we supply are convenient in installation, efficient in energy-saving, and long life-cycles.
  • DECO RAS - A Glance of Our Projects DECO RAS - A Glance of Our Projects
    This video features the famous project DECO has done in recent years, both domestically and overseas.
  • DECO Aerobic Equipment DECO Aerobic Equipment
    The blower and dissolving device are used to increase oxygen in the aquaculture water.The micro-porous aeration of nanometer aeration plate is used to improve and ensure the DO content in water.
  • November 2016, DECO Nominated as Qualified High-Tech and Innovative Supplier November 2016, DECO Nominated as Qualified High-Tech and Innovative Supplier
    DECO was granted the title of the High-tech Innovative Enterprise
  • DECO Aquatic Life Support System (DECOFACC) for Suzhou Aquarium DECO Aquatic Life Support System (DECOFACC) for Suzhou Aquarium
    The new Taihu Underwater World is located in the heart of Suzhou’s Taihu Scenic Zone. The new aquarium, with an investment of 25 million USD, began its first trial period on October 13th. The new venue is part of the Suzhou Aquarium and attractions include a Centre Aquarium, a diving hall and a marine theatre. The aquarium’s total water body is 7000 cubic metres and contains over 1200 different marine life forms. Moreover, it is the first aquarium in China to exhibit marine animals and plants from the fresh waters of the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake. Furthermore, the diving hall is the largest indoor diving venue in East China area. With a total depth of 15.8 metres, the new diving hall will allow tourists to get into close contact with a large variety of marine animals and plants.DECO has designed , supplied and installed the full set of DECOFACC marine life support system for the aquarium so as to help the marine animals adapt to their new environment.
  • DECO Fish Tank DECO Fish Tank
    PVC foldable tank---high frequency welding heat and forming of nylon fine woven double-sided PVC coating cloth used for the pool,high strength PVC as the skeleton. It has the feature of resistant tear,flame retardant(up to the UK’s standard BS5852),friction resistance,aging resistance ,beautiful appearance and so on.it is easy to install.DECO Best Quality DECO Fish Tank Factory,For the DECO ozone disinfection all-in-one machine, which is used for the culturing project, has overcome the difficulties of working in humid environment and incompatibility with reactor working condition, which widely exist in the general products manufactured by other suppliers. Meanwhile, the equipment has integrated with automatic failure alarm functions, such as zero ozone alarm, backwater alarm, overheat alarm & ESD, circuit failure alarm and some other functions, which ensure a safe unattended operating condition.
  • DECO Aquarium Life Support System (DECOFACC) for Taihu Lake Longemont Paradise DECO Aquarium Life Support System (DECOFACC) for Taihu Lake Longemont Paradise
    Dragon Dream Ocean World (aka Longemont Ocean World) include 9 large-scale venues, including the Whale Shark Museum, Dolphinarium, White Whale Museum, and Penguin Museum. It is the largest marine world in the Yangtze River Delta.DECO has supplied and installed the life support system for its Ocean World. We also provide technical training to the operation team.
  • DECO Bio Filter DECO Bio Filter
    With the biological membrane filter technology, DECO biofilter can efficiently degrade ammonia nitrogen, remove nitrate, and other harmful substances in the culturing water.
  • DECO UV Sterilizer DECO UV Sterilizer
    Ultraviolet Ray Disinfection (UV Disinfection)UV disinfection is used widely in fisheries. The UV disinfection unit is equipped with an ultraviolet ray lamp that disinfects by the following mechanism. An ultraviolet ray of a certain wave length damages the nuclei in cells of microorganisms in the water, resulting in the death of the microorganisms. Of the various commercially available UV lamps, those with a wavelength of 254 nm are the most effective for disinfection, as the wavelength of maximum UV absorption for DNA is near 260nm.This method is safe and simple; however, treatments that are too long produce excessive amount of oxidants in the treated water. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor for the negative effects of oxidants. UV disinfection of water containing large amounts of suspended matter is often incomplete because the suspended matter creates shadows. In the case of red sea bream seed production in CRAS, UV kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the water. The development of a UV-light-emitting diode (LED) is progressing. When the problems regarding the production cost and life span are solved, UV-LED will be widely used in this field.
  • DECO Ozone Disinfection System for Fish Culturing Water Treatment DECO Ozone Disinfection System for Fish Culturing Water Treatment
    DECO Professional DECO Ozone Disinfection System is an all-in-one ozone disinfection complex mainly composed of one protein skimmer and one ozone generator, which is used for sterilization and decontamination of the fish culturing water. DECO Ozone Disinfection System is durable to work in humid environments. The equipment has integrated with automatic failure alarms, such as 0 ozone alarm, backwater alarm, overheat alarm & ESD, circuit failure alarm, and some other functions, which ensure a safe unattended non-human operating condition.DECO ozone disinfection system is DECO's patented product. It is specially designed for the use of disinfection in RAS and aquarium life support system.
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