IKS Water Monitoring System 

IKS Water Monitoring System features and advantages (product imported from Germany ):

1. Online real-time monitoring

2. Real-time processing and centralized display of monitoring parameters (tables and curves can be displayed uniformly, and remotely displayed 1 km away)

3. On-site and remote alarm (telephone, fax, cell phone)

4. Can be connected to a computer (wired or wireless)

5. Data storage and historical data query 

6. Data plotting and printing

7. Up to 8 sensor interfaces, which can monitor 5 indicators of dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, pH, and redox potential, and monitor one or more water bodies at the same time (the sensor data line is up to 10m)

8. There are 16 actuators to turn on and turn off various equipment, which can automatically control dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, ozone, salinity, water level, lighting (sunlight intensity, moon appearance), water pump (sea tide, swirling water flow direction)