The DECO Aerated Bio Filter MAB is a moving bed bio filter. As carrier material we use our patented FEB. This material has a very big, useful surface area for the settling of nitrifying bacteria.

To enlarge further the efficiency of the filter, we blow air into the filter body while the recirculation water passes along the FEB. The aeration promotes the activity of the bacteria as these bacteria consume oxygen for converting Ammonia via Nitrite to Nitrate. Thus we avoid a lack of oxygen for the fish.

In the MAB the filter material is slightly moving. With that the FEB carrier material touch always each other and waste or dead bacteria are removed from the surface of the FEB to keep the carrier material more active for settling of bacteria.

  • DECO Bio Filter DECO Bio Filter
    With the biological membrane filter technology, DECO biofilter can efficiently degrade ammonia nitrogen, remove nitrate, and other harmful substances in the culturing water.